KW Headshots Has a New Website for a New Year!

I’m thrilled to say, the new KW Headshots site went live today and I love it!

KW Headshots had a big year in 2019 and I’m excited for all this coming year holds. Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s already 2020!

Last year, in making plans for KW Headshots I came across the concept of the 12 Week Year. I love approaching the year in quarters rather than in one big daunting timeframe. There’s a book about this and I hit “buy” on Amazon Prime today and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can dig in.

With that in mind, while I definitely have year-long goals for KW Headshots, my main focus is on this first quarter. The one thing I’m most excited about in Q1 is challenging myself in studio lighting for headshots. I’d like to move from a solid intermediate to an expert level.

Before I put 2019 fully in the past, I’ll share one of my big goals for last year! To complete a full re-design on my KW Headshots website. I am thrilled to announce it is done!

This is a huge win for me! Please celebrate with me!! I am excited to hear your biggest wins from 2019 – what big goals did you achieve? Share the below so we can toast together!

Now that the new KW Headshots site is (and I love it!) I’d like to hear your thoughts so please grab a cup of tea and take a look around. Feel free to use my contact form on the site to tell me your favourite part, to point out a typo, or just celebrate with me!

xo Hannah Marie


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